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August 5, 2011

Four-Way Lodge lives on in the memories of many campers and counselors around the world. The camp we love comes alive in an “alternative reality” at biennial reunions when we convene for fun and laughter on the shores of blue-green Torch Lake. Our next Reunion will be August 30 – September 4, 2020;  Save the date!

There are very few ‘do overs’ in life …  This is one of them.
August 30 to September 4, 2020
On Torch Lake at Camp Hayo-Went-Ha
🎵Four-Way Lodgers… Join in Celebration  🎼


“Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.”

That was how we wanted to remember the 2018 FWL Reunion…

Instead, the breeze reminded us of something like this song that Dorothy sang in the Wizard of OZ…
“The wind began to switch – the house to pitch and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch”
In reality, it was more like… The winds began to howl, our cabins to shake… we prayed to the Great Waconda to keep us out of the lake!!

Yep, we braved 70+ MPH winds late Monday night while huddled in our cabins right on the Torch Lake waterfront at Hayo-Went-Ha…then, on Tuesday night, as we were wondering if our Little Council Games should take place on the play field or in the Old Dining Hall, we were all herded to the basement of Kresge Lodge with a TORNADO WARNING.  We were given the all clear about 40 minutes later… and then, maybe 30 minutes after that, we had to gather again both in the lower level of the HWH boat house (as some of our group had made their way down to the cabin line) and in the basement of the Kresge Lodge for another TORNADO WARNING.  What an adventure!!  The next morning, we found out that lots of trees were down on Torch Lake Drive and in the surrounding area, yet HWH was relatively untouched… just a few branches down here and there.  Waconda had watched over us!!

Although the weather was not very cooperative for our 7th reunion… we all had great fun and lots of bonding time.  And, we were able to move things and events around a bit to try to maximize our availability to sail Tracey’s and Carrie’s REBELS!!  Oh, what a joy… for the sailor in so many of us… to be able to sail a Rebel on the waters of Torch Lake.  And, we did not even have to pass the beginning of camp sailing, skiing, and canoeing water test… how many minutes did we have to tread water with our hands OUT of the water?  and, how many minutes did we have to make a continuous circle around either the diving raft (for those campers before the mid ’60s) or around the two diving platforms?

After the reunion was over, one of our group, Melanie Lintner Messmore,  wrote this about the second tornado warning… ” about midnight the second alarm sent us to the basement of the boathouse where in awe we stopped to stare at a zillion stars and the really bright moon reflecting on the churning waves ~ magical – amid laughter and concerns … ”

That’s the camper spirit in all of us… to pull beauty and fun out of every second of the day, and even a challenging situation!

And, that is how we will always remember the 2018 FWL Reunion.

A mix of camaraderie from campers from the 1940s to the end of camp in 1971.  Fun, laughter, friendships, singing and campfires,  great conversations and bonding, Polar bear swims in Torch Lake at 8 AM each morning followed by hot coffee and tea provided by our wonderful Baristas (Tracey Boone Welch, Susan Radtke Balabuch, and Carrie Johnson Duff) in our very own FWL emblem mugs.  We also had many many arts and crafts activities which included creating a FWL@HWH Plaque beautifully drawn by Carol Tyler Boyd. (See attachment for picture of the plaque with most of us who attended the reunion)  This plaque was signed on the back by all of us and will be displayed in Kresge Lodge.  Other arts and craft activities included the opportunity to make bamboo wind chimes, carve pictures for Japanese block printing on sail bag / laundry bags, make FWL Knot Rings, do some rock painting and decorating, and, last but not least, build and decorate benches for HWH to use at their campfires and in their cabins.  To each bench we left our imprint with our names and years at FWL and/or HWH; and, Lynne Poffenberger Kasey made an etched, stainless steel copy of our 2018 FWL@HWH Logo, which was also attached to each of our benches.

Four-Way Lodge Gives Back ~ The Lore and Legacy of Four-Way Lodge

This was the theme of our reunion this year.  We wanted to, somehow, honor HWH for allowing us to re-live our childhood memories of being a camper again… and to create new memories with the campers and staff from FWL that we have connected with through these reunions.  The seventh FWL Reunion was officially opened by the raising of our FWL LOGO FLAG and a mini-version of our Indian Counsel opening ceremonies.  And yes, Dan Boone did sing WA-TA-HO as we entered the campfire ring. While John Daume called us to order with a resounding… Let there be silence!!  Our painted Indian costumes, created in 2010 by Carol Tyler Boyd were worn with honor and some fun with Cindy Crawford Black’s lighted headdress!!  We spent Monday evening, Cabin Nite in Central Lake; Tuesday allowed us to visit the re-opened Brownwood Acres / Honey House for lunch and penny candy shopping followed by a visit to FWL and Tea and Cookies at the Eder Cottage (like days gone by…) hosted by Dan and Kay Boone.  Wednesday was to be trip day with sailing and/or canoeing trips or a guided tour by Cheryl Sallwasser of the Old Mission Peninsula and Light House. Events got rearranged a bit, due to inclement weather… but, we were able to share more time together bonding and working on our crafts and then to gather in the Old Dining Hall of HWH, (right on Torch Lake) to enjoy a slide presentation and talk by Dan Boone about FWL.  Thursday ending up being our Trip Day… and then, Thursday evening, the final banquet and final campfire.  Friday morning, after our Polar Bear swim, we gathered in Kresge Lodge for breakfast and two presentations… one of the Campership of HWH and a second, by Lindsay Hildebrand (who has been our counselor and head counselor at HWH for three reunions) of how she incorporated our FWL Reunions and the strong women of FWL into her Master’s thesis.  We have a whole chapter dedicated to US!!  We then gathered around the flag pole at HWH to lower our FWL flag and sing our alma mater song and the end of camp songs, May the Good Lord Bless and keep you and It’s time to say goodbye…  and, just like the end of camp so many years ago, many tears were shed.

The Lore of FWL still lives on ~ 

and now, we are leaving our Footprint & Legacy of FWL@HWH for those who come after us…

We loved hosting this seventh FWL Reunion and, based on your cards and letters, think you all had a good time too.
To our 2018 reunion attendees (listed in no particular order):  Linda Jirsa, Carol Tyler Boyd, Brooke Boyd, Jean Jacobson Collins, Tracey Boone Welch, Carrie Johnson Duff, Susan Radtke Balabuch, Nancy Woodward Piotrowski, Judy Berkowitz, Cheryl Sallwasser, Anne Hoagland ‘Hoagie’ Magoun, Melanie Lintner Messmore, Maril McCord, Lynne Poffenberger Kasey, Lisa-Melissa Finch Breckenridge, John Daume, Cindy ‘Crow’ Crawford Black, Lynn Woodward, Barbara ‘Barby’ Rackes, Mera Jetton Kohler, Connie Claar, Mary Lee ‘Leo’ Camp Campbell, Cyndie Cole, Dan and Kay Boone, Niki Clayton Griffin, and Lindsay Hildebrand… we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing us such joy and friendship at this reunion.
And, for those of you who could not attend, you were greatly missed!!
We hope all of you will look to join us in the summer of 2020 to rekindle your friendships and to add your footprint & legacy of FWL@HWH to the ongoing story of Four-Way Lodge……

Ogden and Limberg
(AKA: Kris Ogden and Carol Lindberg ‘Limberg’ Jehle)