Welcome to Four-Way Lodge

August 5, 2011


Dear FWL family,

With the coronavirus still so prevalent and our age group majorly at risk for complications from this virus, we have decided to postpone our next Four-Way Lodge Reunion until the summer of 2021.  While we know that this is a disappointment, it is a decision made with all of our best interests at heart.
Our New Dates Are:   August 29 to September 3, 2021
In the summer of 2021, we will Celebrate Four-Way Lodge with our 8th Reunion occurring 50 Years after our beloved camp closed in 1971.  What better way to celebrate what FWL meant to all of us then to rediscover that camper, counselor, and staff member in each of us and to reconnect with wonderful friends from our youth and past reunions.
Please…. Contact every FWL alumni you know…. Encourage everyone to join us… and, Plan on Attending the Best Reunion Ever.
Come Celebrate our Golden Anniversary with us in the summer of 2021
Your 2021 Reunion committee….
Cindy Crawford Black
Carol Lindberg Jehle
Kris Ogden
NOTE: For those of you who have sent in your deposit, we will be contacting you regarding whether you want us to hold your deposit for 2021 or send you a full refund.