Welcome to Four-Way Lodge

August 5, 2011

Four-Way Lodge lives on in the memories of many campers and counselors around the world. The camp we love comes alive in an “alternative reality” at biennial reunions when we convene for fun and laughter on the shores of blue-green Torch Lake. Our next Reunion will be August 30 – September 4, 2020;  Save the date!


March 20, 2018

WAIT … Maybe with we should reword this a little… (with a shout out to Lisa Finch… AKA: Melissa Breckenridge)

CAMPERS OLD, CAMPERS GRAY  Won’t you come to dear Four-Way? 
Don’t say no, here we go, train of happiness.  
Work and play, laugh all day — ’til the setting sun.  
Chug along, Chug along, Chug along, Chug along …
Yes, we might be a little older… and, maybe even a little grayer… but the heart and soul of Four-Way Lodge still lives in each of us.  We see this almost every day in the face book posts and emails you send.  We hear you speak about the lasting impressions Four-Way Lodge has had on your lives and also how Four-Way helped you to become the person that you are today.  All of these posts and the memories you share make our hearts sing and we can’t wait for you to share them at the next reunion.
Please join us at the Seventh Four-Way Lodge Reunion
Sunday August 26 to Friday August 31, 2018
Become a Four-Way Lodger again.  Swim and sail and paddle your canoes.  Sing around the camp fire and in the lodge. Walk the cabin line and beside old Torch Lake.  Enjoy arts and crafts.  Relish and be content in your remembrances of Four-Way.  Connect and re-connect with campers and old friends from years gone bye.  Re-create that camper in you and feel the joy of your youth as you make new memories and friends.  And, open your heart and feel the love of Four-Way Lodge. She still lives right there!
 Now is the time to return to that special place you loved so long ago….. Four-Way Lodge on beautiful Torch Lake Blue.

Four-Way Lodgers, Join in celebration 

We can’t wait !!
Kris Ogden and Carol Lindberg “Limberg” Jehle

Reunion 2018 on the shores of Torch Lake!

December 19, 2017

Four-Way’s Calling……….. Four-Way’s Calling 

From the North Woods…………. From the North Woods

All Ye Campers……………………….All Ye Campers                 

Four-Way’s Calling……….

The Seventh Four-Way Lodge Reunion is already being planned and we want you to join us ~ so  PLEASE SAVE THE DATE….

Four-Way Lodge @ Hayo-Went-Ha


AUGUST 26 – 31, 2018

Come be a camper again.  Stay in rustic cabins that remind you of the cabins of Four-Way Lodge.

Sail Rebels on Torch Lake.  Choose trip day activities ~ canoe, explore Charlevoix, tour a wine vineyard.

Come and sing the songs of Four-Way Lodge ~ let your voices fill the camp with joy… let them ring, ring, ring !

There are so many opportunities to re-live a time when your favorite vacation might have been a very special summer camp called Four-Way Lodge.

Won’t you join us as we reunite with friends from our youth and help us to make new memories and friends with campers of all ages.

We invite you to ‘linger a little longer’……

For those who feel that a rustic cabin might be a little uncomfortable, we are able to offer a few options, including electricity and facilities right in the cabin and/or just a stones throw away.  And, as always, we will be able to offer ‘Pack Buddies’ who can bring bedding and towels for those campers who are flying in for the reunion.

These reunions are all-inclusive… so that includes your lodging, food, and activities for five days.  Please know, that we strive to make the activities at the reunions all-inclusive too.  And, we are able to accommodate most special dietary needs. So, if you do have any special requests or needs, please let us know so that we can fulfill these needs.

Look for more details delivered right to your inbox, mailbox, or to our FWL FB group over the next several months.    

Also, please feel free to contact us with any and all questions you might have.

Come and enjoy the magic and love of Four-Way.  Reunite with us…..

Four-Way’s Calling…………….  Can you hear her??  

— Kris Ogden and Carol ‘Limberg’ Jehle