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August 5, 2011 by

Four-Way Lodge lives on in the memories of many campers and counselors around the world. The camp we love comes alive in an “alternative reality” at biennial reunions when we convene for fun and laughter on the shores of blue-green Torch Lake. Our next reunion will be August 26 – August 31, 2018; save the date!


Reunion 2016

March 12, 2016 by
Dear Four-Way Alums,
It is with great excitement that we invite you to join us on the shores of Torch Lake for the Ten Year Anniversary Edition of the Four-Way Lodge Reunion.  A tradition started in 2006 by Cindy Crawford Black, Ann Williamson Meier, Sally Christiansen Harris, Karin Christiansen Fowler, Mary Gardner Slee and continued on by Dee Doyle Tayler and then by Kris Ogden, Carol Lindberg Jehle, Anne Wakeman Lang, Anne Hoagland Magoun, and Susan Dempsey…..the tradition continues with the 2016 Reunion.  We know we have hard acts to follow, but we’re up to the challenge.  Please come be a camper again, renew old friendships and make new friendships –
August 28th – September 2nd, 2016.  Details in the attached documents…we hope to hear from all of you very soon!
FWLove from your Reunion Committee,
Sue Radtke Balabuch
Carrie Johnson Duff
Mera Jetton Kohler
Tracey Boone Welch

Charlie Sallwasser

November 3, 2014 by

November 3, 2014 – Cheryl just notified us that Charlie died suddenly this morning, probably of a heart attack. The entire Four-Way Lodge family sends our deepest sympathy to Charlie’s family (his widow Pauline, daughter Cheryl, sons Brad and Paul, and extended family). Through the 1950s until camp closed, Charlie was a pillar, a chieftain, a friend. First as a canoeing instructor, then as Camp Director under Mrs. Eder then the Boones, Charlie put his heart into making “Four-Way Lodge the bestest camp we know.” After Fairwood closed, the Sallwassers bought a piece of that camp and built their summer home. The family has continued to enjoy Torch Lake summers. We miss you, Charlie, but we are so grateful we knew you.

Charles M. Sallwasser obituary:

Charlie Sallwasser obit November 2014

Charlie Sallwasser obit November 2014


If you would like to share memories of Charlie, please consider posting on the Four Way Lodge Facebook page.


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” ‘… It seemed our spirits emblazoned a powerful imprint on this spot, strong enough to outlast a swim dock, a wooden structure, the surrounding birch trees, or even the passage of time. I wanted to believe that a casual stranger, forty years hence, wandering where the lodge’s foundation used to be, where our cabins once stood, would know that a girls’ camp had resided here … a camp that housed our adventures, our hopes and dreams, from a charmed moment in time. Perhaps they might even hear the echo of our voices singing in the wind…’ ”

–Excerpts taken in poetic license from MEMORY LAKE, a book by Nancy Kyme.


I think when you consider reunions in general, or have been to an uncomfortable or unsuccessful high school or other type reunion, you may think the Four Way Lodge reunions will be the same —

But … Take a Leap of Faith … You will not be disappointed! You will fall right back into step… as if you never left.

The spirit of Four Way Lodge envelops you …..
Old friendships are renewed and new friendships are forged……

No matter the age group ….. no matter how many years have passed ….. We will embrace you …..
For you are a part of Four Way, and Four Way’s a part of you …..

You are a Four Way Lodger Thru and Thru !!!!!

The Fifth Four Way Lodge Reunion is set for August 24 – 29, 2014

Hosted at Camp Hayo-Went-Ha on the shores of Torch Lake Blue … Won’t you join us?

Those Four Way Lodge alumni who have already responded they are coming are:
Kit Marshall Kohudic
John Daume
Mera Jetton Kohler
Sue Rose Vandenbergh
Kay Ruffini
Melissa (Lisa) Finch Breckenridge
Maril McCord
B.L. Roth Olliges
Cindy Crawford Black
Carol Lindberg Jehle
Anne (Hoagie) Hoagland Magoun
Tracey Boone Welch
Sue Radtke Balabuch
Carol Tyler Boyd
Patti Williams Niehoff
Cheryl Sallwasser
Carrie Johnson Duff
Cyndie Cole
Dan and Kay Boone
Laura Dunlop Jordan
Alice Landis
Kris Ogden

The cost for the 2014 FWL Reunion has gone up a little, due to increased costs of Hayo-Went-Ha. Those staying on-site — $375; those staying off-site — $210.

For those who are flying in, we’ll have “Pack Buddies” to bring your bedding and towels. For those staying off-site who have not yet made reservations, we do have some ideas for lodging.

Take a leap of faith and recapture your youth. Join us for an unforgettable and truly amazing reunion.

Walk beside old Torch Lake and on the ground of Four Way Lodge.

Wake to the lapping of the waters and the ringing of the bell. Sing songs of your youth around evening campfires. Swim and sail and paddle a canoe. Linger a little longer — with old and new friends — become a camper again–

And remember that once upon a time, a truly magical place existed — a camp called FOUR WAY LODGE!!!

Come and make new memories and help to rekindle the spirit of Four Way Lodge!!!

Kris Ogden, Carol Lindberg Jehle, Tracey Boone Welch, Sue Radtke Balabuch

Four Way Lodge Reunion 2014 – The Beginning …

March 15, 2014 by
“Remember beside the campfire,  Remember when you’re away.
Remember the friends you’ve made here… Remember also, the work and play…”
The 2014 Four Way Lodge Reunion planners have been hard at work…. and play … striving to make the 2014 FWL Reunion the most amazing reunion yet. We just spent a week in sunny Florida where great times were had as we raced to put all our ideas together into a solid platform and still have time to play.
The Fifth Four Way Lodge Reunion is August 24-29, 2014.
Now is the time to commit to the greatest reunion yet!!
Once again, we are graced to be able to gather on the shores of Torch Lake Blue.And, we are so blessed to be able to continue our reunion venue at Camp Hayo-Went-Ha. This venue helps to really bring together the ties of friendships that bind us, by creating an atmosphere that will allow you to experience camp memories in a way you may have thought you would never experience again!
We have many cabins reserved at HWH for those who wish to live the total experience of a FWL camper. For those who want a less rustic experience, we can give you a few off-site options you may want to consider.
Most meals and activities will be held at HWH, but there will also be events at various locations that most of you will remember. You will find plenty of time for reuniting with past friends, playing games, swimming and sailing, and even enjoy time on the hallowed grounds of Four Way Lodge.  The six days and five nights of FWL Reunion V will delight the past camper, counselor, and FWL staff member in all of you! Won’t you join us ?
To secure your spot in the 2014 FWL REUNION, we will need a non-refundable $50 deposit.  This money is essential as there are quite a few expenses incurred in the planning and arranging for all activities.  We hope you will send this money as soon as you finish reading this e-mail…    but we know some of you may need time to arrange your schedules.  Therefore,  please mail your deposits to us by March 31, 2014.  Make your checks out to Four Way Lodge Reunions.  When mailing the deposit, please indicate if you would like to stay at HWH or are looking to stay off site.
You can mail your deposit check to either:
Kris Ogden                                                 Carol Lindberg Jehle
6299 Glade Ave                                         2629 Amberly Rd
Cincinnati, OH  45230                            Bloomfield Hills, MI  48301
We are really excited about this reunion and to see you all again.  
Come and rekindle those FWL friendships and memories….. 
Come and create new friendships and memories….. 
Come be a Four Way Lodger again!!
“….. Remember,  where er you wander…  afar from Torch Lake Blue.
That you are a part of Four Way, … and Four Way’s a part of you…”
Your 2014 Planning Committee,
Kris Ogden
Carol Lindberg Jehle
Tracey Boone Welch
Susan Radtke Balabuch
Anne “Hoagie” Hoagland Magoun

Four Way Fifth Reunion – 2014

January 1, 2014 by
Happiness is…. Four Way  at Christmas…. Knowing she’s missed us….Through-out the year. 
Happiness is…. A warm glow inside you…. A good friend beside you…. Brightening the room.  
We sang this song at a Counselor Show in the early 70’s, from the musical, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”.
The THEME …….   A FOUR WAY LODGE REUNION at Christmas Time.
We’ll… here it is the Christmas season and, although we are not gathering up on Torch right now,
we are remembering Four Way and the friendships we made there.  And, we want you to think of Four Way too…
and know that the Four Way Lodge Reunions up on Torch Lake are an Amazing Reality filled with Grace!!
The  FIFTH FOUR WAY LODGE REUNION is already being planned.  Won’t you join us?
Come and renew old friendships and make new ones…… Walk the grounds of Four Way Lodge…..Sing the songs that still echo through your head…..and,  Become a Camper again.
Mark the dates on your calendars…..  AUGUST 24 to August 29, 2014
Reunion Venue:  Camp Hayo-Went-Ha on Torch Lake Blue
More information about the the Fifth FWL Reunion will be coming after the New Year… but, until then…..
May you and yours have a Joyous Christmas and Holiday Season…..
and know that…. we can’t wait to see you this summer!!!
Your 2014 Reunion Committee,
Kris Ogden …. FWL 1960-1968, 1970-1971
Carol Lindberg Jehle …. FWL 1966, 1968-1970
Anne “Hoagie” Hoagland Magoun … FWL 1960-1965, 1967
Tracey Boone Welch …. FWL 1962-1971
Susan Radtke Balabuch …. FWL 1964-1967

Leaving lonely Torch Lake shores ….Bye…Bye…Four-Way!

September 10, 2012 by

A GREAT BIG THANKS to all of you FWL alumni who helped to make the past week up on Torch so memorable!  And to those who e-mailed us and responded to pictures put up on face book during the week….  we wish you could have joined us!

Lindberg and I had so much fun watching you embrace the Survivor FWL Challenge and forming everlasting bonds with your Tribe-mates and other FWL alumni who attended the reunion.  That competitive “camper spirit” came out in all of you….yet you played the games with true FWL grace and enthusiasm.   I am smiling now just thinking back to the “Pennie Red-Drop”  when Sally Brand convinced us that penny was spelled “pennie”!  I think I will now always second guess how I spell this word   And, “Over and Under” (or Over and Advil ) as I wrote on someone’s token card!! was almost as fun to watch as the original Little Council games from years gone bye!  Just having Little Council on the play-field of FWL brought back fond memories!  A special thanks to Kay and Dan Boone too for inviting us back to the grounds of FWL and hosting a great cake and ice-cream party!!

The Ultimate FWL Survivor Challenge was every thing we had hoped it might be……  Karen Riecks going full blast and getting ultra-winded on the canoe part of the challenge, not withstanding!  And, every Tribe was in it until the end…   (even the WANALDA tribe… who only went “half speed”!!  LOL!!) … when the WAKONDA Tribe raised their flag… not once, or twice….. but THREE times before they finally had their puzzle correct and could be claimed the winner!!

Some of my favorite things, were watching the Tribes coming in to the Council Fire at the High Meadows camp site….the Tribal Torches raised high and the Tribal Banners blowing in the wind!  Kind of gave me goose bumps and I started yelling for Lindberg to watch you all coming down the hill and to bring her camera for pictures!!  And watching you all get ready to race to find the “Hidden reward Idols” each morning was hilarious!!  Are we competitive or not?!!   Canoeing the Jordan was a real highlight for me as Ogden quickly realized I needed to practice my J stroke!  Such a beautiful river, and to recreate those canoeing memories with only one capsize was a thrill!

The singing of our FWL songs…… the re-uniting with those who meant so much to us in our youth!  And,  the Vespers… from days gone by!!  How special that Mary Lee had saved the Vespers script that she gave in the summer of 1968.  It tied the present to the past in ways that were almost mystical!   How fortunate we all are that we really can literally go back and recreate some of the happiest times of our lives.

What more could you ask for?

You should know that the Hayo-Went-Ha counselors assigned to our group had almost as much fun as I think we all did.  They spoke highly of our group and told us that we gave them back the “joy of camping” that they had lost over the long summer.  When a camp fire needed to be built or a canoe trip chaperoned,  they literally almost had to “horse-n-goggle” to be the ones to “win” the opportunity to be with us!  How cool is that?  A bunch of  “old campers”  showing their love of camp and their friends to “youngsters”…… and instilling the passion we all had for a special place… called Four-Way Lodge!!  It’s amazing to me to realize that the power of our friendships can and do last a lifetime!   

Four Way has and will continue to change our lives in ways only we lucky few can understand and recognize.

Four Way Lodge continues to call us all.  Her spirit is within each of us!  

……No matter where we go this year, a part of us will stay right here…….Bye, Bye, Four Way.
In winter when the icy snows are falling……….. happy memories we’ll be recalling.
Train goes chugging down the track……..we’ll be back…….we’ll be back!
Four Way…Bye Bye.

We love you guys and you’d better stay in touch!!!

Lindberg and Ogden

Carol Lindberg Jehle and Kris Ogden

Reunion Leaders Carol Lindberg “Limberg” Jehle and Kris Ogden after a successful FWL Reunion 2012

The Time Has Come …

February 27, 2012 by

The planners said
to talk of many things……
Of little council games and riding trails,
Of good times and knot rings.

Well, it’s not “Alice Through The Looking Glass”  BUT, it is…..

The dates are locked in for us to gather on the shores of Torch Lake Blue at Camp Hayo-Went-Ha….   August 26-31, 2012.

Hopefully, you have been getting some e-mails from the FWL Reunion Planners this past fall alerting you to the dates and the venue.
We have many cabins reserved at HWH for those hearty, dyed in the wool, FWL alumni.  We also have a few off-site options where you can stay, including a Lodge on Torch with other alumni.  Most meals and activities will be held at HWH, but we will have events at various locations that most of you will remember.  There will be plenty of time for reuniting with past friends, playing games, swimming and sailing, and even a romp on the hallowed grounds of Four Way Lodge.  The six days at FWL Reunion IV will delight the past camper, counselor, and FWL staff in you all.
Won’t you join us???

To secure your spot in the 2012 FWL Reunion we will need a non-refundable $50 deposit.  This money is essential as there are quite a few expenses incurred in the planning and arranging for all activities.  We hope you will send this money as soon as you finish reading this e-mail….. but know some of you may need time to arrange your schedules to be available the last week of August.  Therefore, please mail your deposits to us by March 31, 2012.  Please make your checks out to “Four Way Lodge Reunions“.

When mailing the deposit, please indicate if you would like to stay at HWH or are interested in renting a Torch Lake Cottage with other alumni. Mail your deposit to:

Kris Ogden                                                 Carol Jehle
6299 Glade Ave                                         2629 Amberly Rd
Cincinnati, OH  45230                               Bloomfield Hills, MI  48301
(c) 513-252-5746                                       (c) 248-390-7517

We are so excited to see you all again and have had a blast planning for some very very fun, and we think, ingenious, activities.   Don’t worry, we are all older and know we can’t do “Over and Under the Playground Benches” like Leo, Dee, Findlater, and Lintner so eloquently did for the Senior Little Council Games…. but are you up for a Canoe trip down the Jordan River?  Or a trip day to Charlevoix or the Honey House??  We’ll have events suitable for all!!!

Hail to Four Way….

Kris Ogden
Carol Lindberg Jehle
Anne Wakeman Lang
Susan Dempsey
Anne Hoagland “Hoagie” Magoun

Four-Way Cake 2008 Reunion

From the 2008 Reunion